About Elderflowers

Established in June 2009, Elderflowers food coop is part of the environmental group, Transition Langport.   It exists to bring good quality, local food (as far as possible) within reach of the whole community at a time when they can shop and at prices that they can afford. Prices are kept as low as possible and the distance food travels is kept to a minimum. Elderflowers ethos is to support and encourage local producers thereby cutting down on carbon emissions.

The Coop is open every Friday evening from 5pm to 7pm throughout the year.


The Rose & Crown

The food we eat is one of today’s biggest environmental scandals. Just maybe it is one that we can all do something about.

As part of Transition Town Langport, the Elderflowers Food Coop has been set up to make good quality local food more easily available to local people living in the Langport area.

It is one small community response which aims to:

  • Reduce food miles – Elderflowers sources good local food to cut back on transport costs and fuel emissions
  • Keep costs as low as possible – Elderflowers is a not for profit group, run by volunteers, so prices are very competitive
  • Be convenient for customers – Elderflowers is open at a time and a place to suit the needs of many people
  • Be fair – Elderflowers establishes good relationships with its suppliers and, where appropriate, it sells Fairtrade goods
  • Offer high quality goods – Elderflowers sells good, tasty food much of which is organic or organically grown
  • Avoid waste – by careful ordering, Elderflowers seeks to avoid any wastage.

Contact Us

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What do a retired scientist, a stone carver, a sculptor-builder, a former school librarian, an international development expert, a forest school leader, a local councillor, and a debonair fluent Portuguese speaker have in common? They are a quirky group of people who all have a passion for good local food, and who seven years ago got together to set up a food coop.

Each Friday regulars and food shoppers mix at the Rose and Crown pub (Eli’s) in Huish Episcopi to do their weekly shopping.

Elderflowers always has a good selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables together with a range of dried goods, eggs, apple juice, honey, preserves and bread and cake. Much of the produce is organic and above all fresh and chemical free.

Volunteers order carefully to meet the needs of the coop’s customers and to avoid wastage as much as possible. But nothing does go to waste – the odd sad cabbage leaf will find its way into a compost bin or for chicken feed.